Film Review: ‘The Cure-All’

Originally posted on June 14, 2017 at 1:53 am

Words by Jordan Villella, photos courtesy of Red Bull Media House 

Sure, pick the office vegan to go see a flick that involves the words “meat sweats.” Joking aside, I had a great time at Bierport, sharing beers with old friends and catching the premiere of the new Red Bull Media House film, The Cure-All.

The Cure-All follows Pittsburgh chef Justin Severino and his #BikeBros as they embark on their annual mountain bike trip and rip through various envy-inducing locations on a “bro-cation.”

Brandon, Justin, and Aaron pose for a portrait with their motorhome outside the Row House Cinema in Pittsburgh, PA for the preimer of their short The Cure-All on May 11th, 2017.

By day, Severino owns and operates the very successful Cure and Morcilla restaurants; by night he lives to ride. Both Cure and Morcilla can be described as foodie havens, with cured-in-house meats, bringing Spanish-style charcuteria and traditional pintxos to the neighborhoods of Pittsburgh.

The co-star to trails and bikes in this film are the meals that Severino prepares for his buddies and the people they meet along the road. Severino painstaking picks out the perfect meals to be cooked over an open flame, making memories and enjoying the company of friends.

For many, mountain biking is the idea of community and spending time outdoors. Nothing strengthens a bond like riding trails, bonking, getting a gel from your friend and finishing the ride. This film captures the feeling of camaraderie and exploration that speaks my mountain biker soul. The pristine trails are captured beautifully by the Media House crew. My heart rate went up noticeably when I saw rollers at the REEB Ranch!

An adventure like this is attainable for anyone with the right planning. Get some friends, something to haul the people and the bikes, hop in and roll to the trails. Hopefully, this film will inspire more riders to make time to take trips with their friends and answer the call of the open road.

Find out more here and watch the trailer below!

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