The following information is courtesy of IMBA:

The International Mountain Bicycling Association (IMBA) is looking to hire a full-time, professional two-person team for the highly successful Subaru/IMBA Trail Care Crew program. This position requires a passion for mountain biking, excellent communication and volunteer organizational skills, basic knowledge of trailwork, and team compatibility. The Crew will travel nearly all year in a 2010 Subaru Outback. The application deadline is Oct. 2, 2009.

For more than 10 years, the Subaru/IMBA Trail Care Crews have traveled the world, sharing their trailbuilding expertise with volunteers, land managers and trail advocates. As a direct result, thousands of miles of appealing, environmentally sustainable trails have been built or revitalized. The crews have contributed to the trails community and mountain biking opportunities in all 50 states, Canada, Mexico and several European countries.

Sponsored by Subaru of America and directed by IMBA, the Trail Care Crews work with IMBA-affiliated mountain bike clubs, land managers, and other trail user groups to solve trail management challenges. The Subaru/IMBA Trail Care Crews improve trail conditions and trail experiences for everyone.

IMBA is looking for the newest team in a long line of dedicated trail professionals. Although the position is not for everyone, couples that enjoy travel and adventure, love to work outside and want to help improve trails and mountain biking are encouraged to apply. IMBA is asking the Crew make a 24-month commitment.

Job Description

  • Lead IMBA Trailbuilding Schools designed for mountain bikers, other trail users and land management agency personnel.
  • Lead volunteer trailwork projects involving members of IMBA-affiliated mountain bike clubs, other mountain bikers and trail users, and land managers.
  • Lead IMBA Club Care presentations designed to educate mountain bikers on the basics of establishing and operating a successful club.
  • Conduct National Mountain Bike Patrol training sessions.
  • Meet with mountain bikers, land managers and other trail user groups to share trailbuilding expertise on design and construction of new trails, and maintenance and restoration of existing trails.
  • Help solve trail management challenges through sharing information about successful trail design philosophy and construction techniques.
  • Aid in the development of IMBA’s Ride Centers by providing educational services, expert consultation and volunteer coordination services.
  • Help IMBA-affiliated clubs build their capacity by providing feedback on their existing practices and suggesting areas for growth and improvement.
  • Represent IMBA at select festivals and events throughout the year.
  • Communicate regularly by phone and email with the program coordinator based in the IMBA office in Boulder.
  • Communicate regularly with local volunteers at upcoming visit locations.
  • Submit stories and photos on a regular basis for the IMBA website and blog.
  • Submit short written pieces for IMBA Trail News (topics will be assigned by IMBA).

Other Responsibilities
Represent IMBA, the Trail Care Crew program, the sport of mountain biking, and Subaru of America in a positive, professional manner at all times.

The ideal candidates bring these qualities to the position:

  • Passion for mountain biking and trails.
  • A very strong relationship with your spouse/long-time significant other (who will be your partner in this job) and the ability to spend a great deal of time with each other
  • A sense of adventure.
  • Strong degree of flexibility.
  • A positive attitude.
  • Excellent communication skills.
  • The ability to be diplomatic in contentious situations.
  • Public speaking skills, especially in front of large groups.
  • Computer savvy (ideal candidate will be proficient with Macintosh computers, software applications including Word, Excel, Mail, iCal, and proficient using the internet and email, Photoshop).
  • Experience working with volunteers.
  • Basic knowledge of trail design, construction and maintenance practices and techniques.


IMBA provides:

  • A monthly salary, plus a travel and living expense stipend.
  • Comprehensive medical benefits, including dental (available immediately).
  • Deferred compensation retirement plan option.
  • Use of the official Subaru/IMBA Trail Care Crew 2010 Outback and 2010 Gary Fisher mountain bikes.

Please send a cover letter and resumes by Oct. 2, 2009 to Spencer Powlison at [email protected], or to IMBA, P.O. Box 711, Boulder, CO 80306. The selected applicants will start work early Jan. 2010.

For more information on IMBA and the Subaru/IMBA Trail Care Crew Program, please visit our website pages.