The New York State Office of Parks is accepting public comments for a draft master plan for the future management of Allegany State Park in Western New York. IMBA urges mountain bikers to speak out to improve the trail system at Allegany State Park. IMBA asks mountain bikers to support proposals from the Western New York Mountain Bike Association (WNYMBA) that would enhance this great riding destination by creating better loop options and more all-day epics. Deadline for comments is August 7th, 2009.

IMBA has an easy-to-use online comment form that contains basic text (see “Proposals for Better Riding” below) that you can customize before sending. If you’d like to write your own letter, you may send it to:

Salim Adler
Park Planner
Agency Building 1, 17th Floor
Empire State Plaza
Albany, NY 12238
[email protected]

Proposals for Better Riding

  • IMBA offers the following proposals that you can use weProposals for Better Riding
  • All the trails east of ASP2 (except the Osgood loop) are currently ridden by cyclists and should remain open to bicycles.
  • Implement the new trails that WNYMBA submitted in a 2007 proposal. These trails are designed to be sustainable singletrack.
  • The master plan should not designate trails by use. The trails should be shared-use, except for those designated as hiking-only. Allegany State Park should adopt a open-unless-closed signage policy, making it easier for park visitors to understand which trails are open.
  • Consider opening to bicycles selected trails that are now hiking-only on a case-by-case basis as appropriate.  Possible candidates would be the Blacksnake Mountain or Eastwood Meadows loops.
  • WNYMBA would be more than happy to expand its volunteer work already in the region to get the new trails built.  WNYMBA has a long successful history of working with land managers in the region to develop and maintain sustainable trail systems.