Philly Bike Expo: Winter Bicycles

Originally posted on November 5, 2019 at 9:03 am

If you were trying to find Eric Estlund in a crowd it may not be as easy as you think for a guy sporting a head covered in tattoos and piercings. The soft-spoken Estlund is the sole driving force behind Winter Bicycles and on Saturday I combed the floor looking for his booth during the Philly Bike Expo. On Friday evening during load in I caught a glimpse of Estlund rolling a mountain bike through the crowd and my eyes lit up.

If you are familiar with Winter Bicycles, Estlund creates intricate and beautifully designed frames that give a nod to the classics. Clean lines, beautiful paint, Winter Bicycles are certainly works of art and this Singlespeed trail monster is no different.

While Winter Bicycles has called Central Pennsylvania home since its inception, Estlund informed me that he will be packing up shop and moving to Colorado in the coming weeks. That’s right Colorado, “Winter is coming!”

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