213 Is Kicking Up Dust!

Originally posted on October 24, 2019 at 0:57 am

The time has come! Issue 213 is peeling out of the parking lot and burning up the highway on its way to your door! It’s been a wild year, and 213 is the final chapter of Dirt Rag 2019. Part Gumball Rally, part Smokey and the Bandit, and all Mad Max, we have left a trail of smoldering wreckage behind to bring you a periodical of explosive portent!

What’s Inside
In this issue, we check out some of the world’s more ‘off-beat’ races to find much more than just simple victory or defeat. We travel to the mountains in Italy for an epic stage race, the back roads of  Pennsylvania for ‘UnPAved,’ and check out a full-blown adventure race the likes of which would shudder Bear Grylls to his knees.

Beyond fording rivers and scaling mountains to get in touch with our true selves, we also check out what it takes to build trails high in the Alps with our Access editor Leslie Kehmeier, let’s say it takes a little more than Chainsaws and Fedoras as the title may suggest. Speaking of building trails, we also check out what the Sierra Butte Trail Stewardship has been up to in their new home base of Quincy, California. The Lost Sierras are a bit of a hidden gem, but the gang at the Buttes is making it a first-class mountain bike destination thanks to years of hard work.

Our man Karl heads up to Windham, New York, to check out the riding, the eats, and the bonus material for this issue’s ‘Passing Through.’ Both Watts and Stevil are back for a healthy dose of introspection from their respected corners of the world. Dave Joachim shows us how to make a caffeinated version of a comfort food classic and Martin Kozaczek is back with another beautiful classic ride for this installment of ‘Be Kind Rewind.’

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