Review: Osprey Seral 1.5 Liter Lumbar Pack

Originally posted on November 11, 2019 at 11:51 am

There is no denying the resurgence of fanny packs. Love them or hate them; they have their benefits. Osprey is known for its quality backpacks, mountaineering packs, hydration packs, and some stellar lifestyle bags. 

The Details
The Osprey Seral 1.5Liter Lumbar Pack has a breathable back panel, dual-zippered hip belt pockets, a blinker light attachment on the rear pocket, and extra-thick ridged foam on the rear panel that helps prevent hip pack sag once the weight is put in. I loaded the bag as full as it would let me, utilizing the side compression straps to eliminate the bag from swinging or sagging while on the trail, and it worked just as it should. The pack stayed in place; spin it around and get access to whatever you need. The wide waistband was more comfortable than some of the standard, non-bladder-holding, hip packs I have used that can dig into the gut when fully loaded and tightened up. 

Trail Cred
Descending or climbing, the Seral performed well, holding enough water to last a good ride as well as a few tools, phone, and a nutrition bar.  

For all lumbar hydration bags, I would highly recommend you get the bladder hose length appropriately adjusted. If it is too long, it will get knocked off while riding and can be a bit troubling on descents. Ask your local bike shop to help you with that.

As someone with lower back and hip problems, keeping the weight off my shoulders is critical. For me, an excellent lumbar bag needs to carry enough water to last a pleasant two-hour ride, tools, a cell phone, and a snack. As some who is squishy around the edges, the wide waistband of the Seral was appreciated.

Words by Trina Haynes | Photos by Brett Rothmeyer

Osprey Seral 1.5Liter Lumbar Pack
Price: $85
Weight: 0.82 lbs.

Tester: Trina Haynes

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