Snowshoe World Cup Downhill Finals Ultra-mega Photo Gallery

Originally posted on September 8, 2019 at 10:13 am

There was speculation day long on how many people actually showed up for yesterday’s Downhill Finals at Snowshoe mountain. As the riders began plummeting down the mountain at warp speed the cascade of cheers, horns, cowbells, and chainsaws sounded like a tsunami barreling through the woods. Based off of intense scientific research of maximum decibel levels it is safe to say that there were likely a million people in attendance, give or take 975,00 or so.

Nous t’aimons Myriam!

Fans waited to see their favorite riders and to find out who would take the overall series win. The French women once again proved that they are bringing the heat big time as the young Marine Cabirou scorched a winning lap and newly crowned World Champ Myriam Nicole followed just two-seconds behind to take second. As if Myriam wasn’t one of our favorites to start the day she most certainly is after she stood along the course cheering on teammate Amaury Pierron with a bullhorn covered in Dirt Rag stickers. Tracy Hannah put down a solid run for Fifth place and it was enough to secure her the overall for this year’s World Cup.

Tracey Hannah sends it into the overall World Cup victory.

In the men’s race Danny freakin’ Hart does what he does best and kept fans on the edge of there seats/mossy rock. With Amaury Pierron needing to win the day in order to secure the overall victory, Hart had the Frenchmen sweating bullets in the hot seat. Hart was able to do what he came so close to doing all season long and took the win, upsetting Pierron and putting World Champ Loic Bruni into the overall lead by a mere 40 points. Bruni’s fourth-place run was just enough today and the World Champ pulled the double for the season. Charlie Harrison gave the Americans something extra to cheer for with an amazing third-place finish.

Danny freakin’ Hart!
Wynn Masters, the hardest working man in Downhill
Loris Vergier navigates some gnarly terrain
Mark Wallace of Canada
Fans were stoked!
European Champ Baptiste Pierron
Reece Wilson of Trek Factory Racing
Ride the lightning!
Joe Breeden in Lower Hairball
Charlie Hatton sees the light at the end of the tunnel.
Wynn Masters moonlighting before going to work.
Marine Cabirou on her way to victory.
Proper foreign relations
Time to hit the showers.
Myriam Nicole flying the World Champs jersey to second place.
Lucky 13
Mariana Salazar
Loic Bruni enjoying the ride.
Ready for action
Last run of the season.
That’s right!
Euro champ Camille Balanche
Bruni test the waters during warm-ups.
Danny Hart propels Bruni to overall victory.
Pierron accepts defeat
No denying that Bruni has been on fire all season long.
Poppin’ bottles
Man of the hour.
More to celebrate.
Danny Hart gives his thoughts on the winning run.
Troy Brosnan putting those signature tires to work.
Fans went ape.
Tracey Hannah celebrates her overall victory.
Cheers mate.
Top three is the place to be.
Doubling down this season.
Until next year.

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