New Kids on the Block, A Classic and A Foreigner

Originally posted on April 17, 2019 at 12:36 pm

While we scoured the dusty grounds of Sea Otter for the newest, next, and biggest we were able to get a closer look at some of the latest brands and models to be putting tires to dirt this year.

First up is Revel Bikes, a new brand from some industry veterans. Spearheaded by Adam Miller (Why Cycles, Borealis) Revel enters the competitive trail market with the Rascal and the Rail.

Minty Fresh

The Rail is Revel’s enduro monster with 170mm of front travel and 165mm of rear travel rolling on 27.5 wheels, it will surely make short work of even the rowdiest of trails.

The Rascal hits the sweet spot with 140mm up front and 130mm in the rear sitting in 29inch wheels. I’d be lying if I didn’t tell you we got our eyes on this one, and if you have your eyes on it or the Rail, consider joining us at Dirt Fest West Virginia where Revel will be demoing these fine machines.

Stayed tuned for more on the Rascal in the near future.

Perhaps the bikes causing the most chatter around the Speedway was the introduction of the Viathon brand. The direct to consumer brand isn’t necessarily blazing new trails as far as technology goes but it is the latest cycling related investment involving the brothers Walton. Nothing gets the pundits chattering like a “Walmart” bike, but be sure that these machines won’t be hanging in the sporting section of your local Super Center.

The M1 from Viathon, a more than capable XC hardtail.

Viathon will be offering two models for the purpose of surfing dirt in its various forms. The M1 as seen above and the G1, as seen below is an all road gravel bike with plenty of tire clearance.

The G is for Gravel

Whilst we are on the subject of gravel bikes Remōt Bikes introduced itself during this past weeks event. Part of the American Bicycle Group, (Lightspeed, Quintana Roo) Remōt joins the family as the carbon frame option. Remōt, not unlike Viathon will be a direct to consumer business model offering bikes to fill all the riding genres with an all-road, gravel, and trail bike.

The Remōt Boundry gravel bike and the Cinder trail bike hiding in the background.

If you’re heading to the Dirty Kanza, keep an eye out for the new Boundry.

Niner Bikes also revealed their latest version of the gravel bike, well technically they revealed it last year and now it’s been revealed once more. The full suspension gravel bike or Magic Carpet Ride (MCR to stay on brand) caused quite the rumbling on the internet. I arrived at the Niner booth to a crowd of journalist listening to Zach Vestal explaining the finer points of the MCR. Is this the beginning of the latest trend in multi-surface riding? Time will tell and we will also have to wait a little while longer until the MCR is available for public consumption.

“Why don’t you come with me little girl, on a Magic Carpet Ride” – (Steppenwolf with non-compatible 2019 lyrics)

A brand that we were not super familiar with but in passing the bikes really jumped out and caught our attention is Whyte Bikes. The UK based company had a diverse line of bikes but their trail bike line up looked quite lovely. We were quite fond of this full carbon T-120 29er as well as the T-130 and T-150 models.

Somewhere between blazing XC and ripping trail. the T-120 29er
For blasting the burly stuff, the G-170 from Whyte Bikes

Last but certainly not least is the Mountaineer from Moots. The Mountaineer features Moots’ YBB technology, giving the bike the look of the hardtail with the forgiveness of a full suspension bike. The YBB is nothing new from Moots, they have been building bikes around that platform for quite some time but that doesn’t mean we like it any less.  Classic titanium goodness from Moots all around.

The Moots Mountaineer
An inch and a quarter of rear suspension to take the sting out.
Titanium MmmmMoots

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