Sick Sea Otter sightings

Originally posted on April 17, 2019 at 0:55 am

At this year’s Sea Otter, there was a lot of fresh stuff to see. Some brands were bringing out their classics in new colors, while others had exciting product launches or were showing up at Sea Otter for the first time.

Zealios body care, designed for active bodies
Salsa’s new full suspension bikes — check out how many water bottles are tucked in that triangle!
Adventure awaits, whether getting aggro or gnarly
And a road bike that can handle our crumbling infrastructure…
These SR Suntour forks are easily overhauled and maintained, perfect for a home mechanic or a shop that doesn’t focus on suspension maintenance.
This Vittoria Enduro tire with tubeless-ready, 2-ply casing was ridden on two rounds of the Enduro World Cup races with little wear to show for it.
Topeak bottle cages with plenty of ways to attach tool kits or spare tubes.
New cyllinders coming out to make at-home compression pumps easier than ever.
These Osprey packs open wide so get those snacks that fell way way waaayyy to the bottom.
And these Showers Pass backpacks are the perfect tool for running away (they just hold so much!)
Or if you plan on heading home soon, try their fanny pack — it’s waterproof down to the taped zippers.
And their classic rain jacket has a reflective map that “lights up” when hit with light, but it otherwise stylishly inconspicuous.
This Pivot DH bike isn’t yet available but we are so ready for it
And the Surly Big Easy is going to be my go-to date bike for taking unsuspecting friends on unyielding adventures over the hill and through the woods while barely breaking a sweat.
Haro hasn’t come out with a mountain bike since 2015 so their new designs are exciting news. Coming out in a number of builds as a relatively affordable option to get riders into full-suspension designs.
And maybe you are interested in abiding those Chill Vibes Only? If so, Quiver’s got you covered with titanium varieties. The toke is high (get it?)
And this helmet didn’t necessarily have all the bells and whistles of modern safety advances, but it is incredibly light and has bluetooth features for playing music and talking on the phone without having to grab at your phone.
Liv’s new Shuttle kicks are legit comfortable and attractive, with some helpful features like the laces hairnet.
Abus has come out with a new helmet with great rear coverage and a translucent visor for uninterrupted vision during those sudden descents
SpurCycle has a super lightweight and tiny tool kit, as well as a low profile, super-stylish


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