Outskirts 2: The Big Land

Originally posted on December 28, 2018 at 4:20 am

It’s the Friday after Christmas and also the one before New Year’s Eve. Perhaps you have the day off and are looking for a little time to kill or for a little inspiration for those two-wheeled adventures you have planned for the coming spring and summer. Well, our friends at Wahoo Fitness passed this one on to us and if you are familiar with the endeavors of the ThereAbouts crew then a lot of these characters will look familiar to you.

Yes, this is a lot of a bit out of our comfort zone. All of the riders are on drop bar bikes, some may even call them road bikes and the title sponsor for this little film is (gasp) Rapha. I know I know! BUT, at the heart of this film is the reason we all set out the door without the intention of returning to the comfort of our home at the end of the day. There is a certain freedom in being far from home with only your bike to get you to your final destination.  To be with friends, to see far off and beautiful places it kind of touches at the core why most of us ride a bicycle.

So if you are confused by why we are sharing this, we are a little too but at the end of the day and amazing adventure by bike is still just that.  So enjoy as the ThereAbouts crew travels through the depths of Canada on a lonely and beautiful “road” from Labrador City to Nova Scotia.

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