Carolyne recommends: Swift Industries Poloma Bag

Originally posted on December 10, 2018 at 0:01 am

Editor’s note: As the holiday season rolls around, everyone is inundated with ads and marketing campaigns for every product imaginable, in companies’ hopes to capitalize on…well, capitalism, I guess. It can be hard to weed out what a publication is putting out there as an ad or as a genuine recommendation, so we at Dirt Rag have decided to just go ahead and give some heartfelt gift ideas based on products we have used and love, without any ties to ad money. Of course, THE BEST gift you can give is a subscription to Dirt Rag Magazine, but since that’s such an affordable gift, here are some supplementary ideas.

Years ago, I worked at a shop and was slowly building up a rig to take on the Great Divide Mountain Bike Trail. I wanted products that were practical, waterproof, and sturdy, but also attractive and reasonably sized for daily use before and after my tour. I wanted something that I could take off my bike easily, because I am fickle. Plus, I had been working as a bike mechanic and writer for the past 13 years and therefore had no money. Enter the Paloma.

While Swift products aren’t cheap, they are good investments. This Paloma bag has, at this point, been around most of the country with me. It is typically carrying a burrito, u-lock, notebook, reading book, and change of shoes. That’s a lot for a small bag! I’ve used it on both flat and drop bars, and it’s never failed to fit. It rains pretty constantly in Pittsburgh, and it’s withstood the rain here, as well as the monsoons of northern New Mexico. It is reliable, useful, and has more than paid for itself in peace-of-mind. Swift Industries products are handmade in Seattle, Washington by really nice people, so you can rest assured that you are supporting cool folks.

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