Karl recommends: Smith Guide’s Choice Bifocal

Originally posted on December 6, 2018 at 0:01 am

Editor’s note: As the holiday season rolls around, everyone is inundated with ads and marketing campaigns for every product imaginable, in companies’ hopes to capitalize on…well, capitalism, I guess. It can be hard to weed out what a publication is putting out there as an ad or as a genuine recommendation, so we at Dirt Rag have decided to just go ahead and give some heartfelt gift ideas based on products we have used and love, without any ties to ad money. Of course, THE BEST gift you can give is a subscription to Dirt Rag Magazine, but since that’s such an affordable gift, here are some supplementary ideas.

My distance vision is keen enough for me to shred the gnar without needing prescription lenses. Up close,  however, it’s a different story. It sucks not being able to read a map or check that surely urgent AF text message without first stopping and then digging into my pack for reading glasses.

The suck ended when I discovered that Smith offers its Guide’s Choice, Challis and Colson sunglasses in polarized lenses with either +2.0 or +2.5 cheaters. I purchased the Guide’s Choice because of the extensive wrap, which is appreciated whether I’m pedaling the bike or paddling the canoe. I’ll take all the coverage and protection I can get for my peepers. A detachable leash integrates directly into the temples and provides added security on the water (man overboard!) or anywhere else it’s needed. Soft nose and temple pieces make for all-day comfort. These sunglasses have been a game-changer. Seeing is believing!

Smith offers the aforementioned bifocal sunglasses in both men’s and women’s fit. www.smithoptics.com

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