Hark! 208 is on it’s way! Sound the trumpets!

Originally posted on November 8, 2018 at 0:01 am

Issue 208 – Making do with what we got

This is the final issue of 2018, so don’t miss out, there is a bit of a wait between now and the first of 2019.

Inside you’ll find some good stuff.

The inaugural Dirt Rag Asinine Triathlon. Bike. Boat. Cook. Imagine mountain biking meets D.I.Y. boat building meets Iron Chef. Mix in some cheating and the Bike Bear Lake campground in West-by-God-Virginia and you have the start of something interesting.

Web editor Carolyne Whelan takes a trip on the Colorado Trail. Instead of the typical aloof narrative of spoiled media trips, this story is real. Like really real. Like blood-soaked socks and almost-debilitating self-doubt real.

There is a four-pack of bike reviews: Niner JET9, Breezer Lightning, Santa Cruz Highball and Rocky Mountain Altitude.

A Fox 34 Step Cast!

Two pairs (a pair of pairs?) of shoes from Bontrager and Ride Concepts for flats, not clips.

Plus much more product for you to peruse.

We Pass Through Port Jervis, New York.

Molly Hurford talks about NICA’s programs to get more girls on bike.

And finally (although first thing in the magazine) my editor’s letter is a farewell. I’m taking leave of the editor’s chair. Carolyne, mentioned above as web editor and author of Colorado Trail piece is taking over. The magazine is in good hands. Expect good things in 2019. I’m stoked to go back to being a reader again.

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