Green Guru Mod Case: Modular Adventure Travel Case

Originally posted on October 10, 2018 at 14:47 pm

You may have seen a peek at Green Guru’s prototype Mod Case, or Modular Adventure Travel Case, in our Interbike coverage. They just recently started their Kickstarter campaign to create this product. The Green Guru team is a group of creative dirtbags and like us here at Dirt Rag we try to mix as many activities as possible into one day. A multi-adventure bag with some customization sounds like a bag I could delightfully over-pack.

Green Guru has been making adventure specific gear wince 2007 and they stick with their upcycling materials brand message with this product, making the case out of salvaged event tent fabric. Because the Mod Case is designed for multi-adventurers, it has Velcro-friendly interior lining to control how the gear fits in the case. Green Guru has made the Mod Case capable of mounting to bicycle handlebars, attaching to a larger piece of outdoor gear like a pack or carried as a shoulder bag. What kind of multi-adventurer are you? Tear up single track on your way to your favorite fly fishing spot, take your art project off the beaten path, or class up the post-ride social hour with a proper cocktail set.

Green Guru has partnered with Tenkara USA with one fundraiser option to receive a Fly Fishing Mod Kit that comes with a fly-fishing package. The package includes a Hane Rod with a sleeve and case, as well as a 5c Tippet, Keeper with Level Line as well as Forceps and Snipper. Fish On!

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