Limited Issue t-shirts available for pre-order only—get yours now!

Originally posted on October 1, 2018 at 0:01 am

Some people call October the month when fall comes into bloom, the time when the maple leaves of the Adirondacks turn red and purple and the Rockies’ quivering aspens become an overwhelming gold; others think of it simply as Danzig Month and don their thickest eyeliner and devilock. Here at Dirt Rag, we choose to celebrate the crunch of leaves beneath our tires while still honoring the terrifying bravery that lurks in the forest, nay, in us! As the days grow shorter and we start to plan our rides around which headlights hold the best charge, grab this new, limited edition t-shirt design (and some fresh socks!) to celebrate your favorite Rag. These t-shirts are super-soft, fit well, come in both a straight cut “men’s” design and a slightly curvier, narrow-shouldered “women’s” cut. Show the world your love for Dirt Rag, vikings, giants, tiny barrels of who-knows-what and, of course, bikes, while supporting us in our passion to continue providing you top-notch mountain bike entertainment. These are printed locally, here in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Order here.

Be sure to order yours now, this design is only available for pre-order until October 10. Do you really want to be the only one to show up at the Samhain zombie night ride not wearing this cool shirt? I wouldn’t be caught dead without it.

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