45Nrth announces new line for 2019

Originally posted on September 18, 2018 at 20:43 pm

If you live in a place that experiences cold, and especially if that cold is also wet, then you probably know about 45NRTH. They are at the front of the pack when it comes to keeping our toes from falling off, making fully waterproof, insulated cycling boots and shoes for mountain biking and commuting in all climates. They just launched a new line of transition-season gear on the 12th, and it looks pretty tight.

Their new boot, the Ragnarok, replaces the Japanther. We’ll have our feet in these in a few days to check out how they fare, just in time for Pittsburgh’s weather to start dropping and the rains to come in from the southern hurricanes (I hope everyone is safe, by the way). These boots feature a 3/4-height waterproof and windproof membrane that even protects around the cleat pocket, a neoprene ankle cuff,  and a BOA system so there’s no need to fuss over laces that have gotten bogged down with mud and ice. These aren’t a super cold-weather boot and are marketed for wet fall and spring rides.

The other highlights of this line are the vest and jacket. These are also made for those transitional seasons, not bulking up or causing you to overheat, but still repelling rain and wind. This means less later shedding as the weather changes on a long ride or commute, and the ability to head out into the woods in the spirit of exploration, without worrying too much about which way the wind’s blowing.

The boot retails for $235 for the fully reflective option and $195 for the blackh. The Torvald Lightweight Vest is $105 and the Torvald Lightweight Jacket is $135. Keep your eyes peeled for reviews coming soon on this product line, and check out 45NRTH.com for more info. 

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