National mountain biking survey launches

Originally posted on August 24, 2018 at 0:01 am

International Mountain Bike Association (IMBA), SRAM Cycling Fund and Ohio University have teamed up to create a survey that aims to gain insight into how riders use both our local and destination trails, and how we interact with our advocacy groups. While mountain biking enthusiasts are often engaged in their communities, providing information about their habits and priorities to the magazines (like us!) they read, bike shops they support, and local trail associations they champion, this survey is looking to get a more complete, holistic look at the mountain bike community at large. This includes weekend warriors, people who used to ride but don’t participate much anymore, those who own a mountain bike or have gone out a few times on a friend’s bike but don’t consider themselves “mountain bikers,” and those who don’t yet mountain bike but might be interested in the future, especially if they had trails that met their needs.

This survey, if it reaches enough people who fill it out, will hopefully provide information that will help inform future trail development, advocacy, and outreach. According to Eleanor Blick, Communications Director for IMBA, “The results will help inform national mountain bike advocacy efforts as well as enlighten anyone working to gain, grow and promote mountain bike access.”¬†¬†Understanding what might engage more casual riders in mountain bike volunteerism and providing¬†their desired experiences is critical for both advocacy organizations and land managers.

The survey is anonymous so you don’t have to put in any private information or contact information (if you’d like to enter the contest at the end to win a SRAM GX Eagle group, then you’ll need to provide your email address). It is a bit long, but worth it to provide information to help your local groups provide you with your best experience; however, you can skip over any questions you don’t feel comfortable answering.

The survey can be accessed here, so give it a click and fill it out!

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