Review: Search and State S2-R Performance Bib Shorts

Originally posted on July 24, 2018 at 0:01 am

Reviewer: Brett Rothmeyer
Search and State S2-R Performance Bib Shorts: $215

When it comes to cycling clothing, there is nothing more important than a solid pair of bib shorts while tackling long days in the saddle. Multiple days of grueling riding are hard enough without having to worry about comfort and the wear and tear on your body’s most sensitive areas.  The S2-R Performance Bib shorts from Search and State should be a real consideration for anyone looking for a top-of-the-line garment to ease the suffering of hard efforts.

Search and State creates every piece of its clothing in New York City’s garment district, giving cyclists the opportunity to buy high-quality, made in the USA gear. The high-quality material of the S2-R bibs is soft to the touch but tough enough to take a couple high-side spills on the trails and remain intact. The chamois is thick and plush without feeling overly bulky like wearing two pairs of shorts.

What I notice most about the S2-Rs is that I don’t notice them. Perhaps the most important feature of a well-made piece of cycling clothing is its lack of impact on your ride. We have all suffered through ill-fitted gear, and it often can turn a good ride bad. Shoes that are too tight, shorts with seams in the wrong places, the brain will obsess over the discomfort rather than the enjoyment of the ride.

Search and State offers the S2-R bib shorts in three colors, giving us an option other than just black. It is also important to note the sizing chart. Search and State recommends sizing up one whole size, and this recommendation is accurate. Normally I am a medium, but the large fits me perfectly. These bibs disappear in the saddle, leaving the mind to concentrate on the trail ahead.

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