Endura Singletrack Jacket II

Originally posted on July 2, 2018 at 0:01 am

Endura Singletrack Jacket II – $163

By Stephen Haynes


The Singletrack II from Endura combines comfort, style, and functionality to produce one stunning, yet useful garment. The lightweight, waterproof shell is loose enough to get a flannel or sweater underneath without being baggy and comes in three colors: red, blue and black/camo. It also has just enough tail to keep spray from going up your back, but not so much as to look out of place off the bike.  

As good as the Singletrack II looks and feels, it’s outdone by its functionality. Starting from the top, the hood not only fits over your helmet, it rolls away into the collar. I actually dislike this particular feature as it made the collar feel awkward to me, but it’s nice to know it’s there if need be. A zippered Napoleon pocket on the left chest has a media outlet to keep your favorite podcast flowing and the underarm zip vents allow for heat exhaust when the temperature starts to climb. Zippered side pockets and Velcro wrist closures round out the highlights on this remarkable jacket.

While this isn’t a replacement for the totally waterproof jacket you may have hiding somewhere, it is quite good at keeping the moisture at bay for the duration of most rides. Due to its lightweight construction and relative breathability, it staves off the usual overheating issues associated with some other products as well. This is a great jacket for quick burns when the weather is bad, or to have in your bag if the forecast looks iffy.

Most places on the planet have to navigate the odd rainy day. With an average annual rainfall bordering on 40 inches, we inhabitants of western Pennsylvania are quite familiar with the phenomenon. As such, spending the money on proper rainwear is a really good investment. While the Singletrack II isn’t as robust as the company’s MT500, an absolutely weatherproof garment (I own one), it nevertheless delivers a quality rain jacket for a reasonable price. If you’re looking to strengthen your jacket game, give the Singletrack II a look.


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