Surly redesigns Pugsley as fat off-road touring bike

Originally posted on January 29, 2018 at 13:16 pm

The Surly Pugsley, one of the original popular fat bikes, got a makeover and is now designed specifically to be an off-road touring and exploration machine. The new “Pugs” features a longer wheelbase for improved stability and handling while loaded, standard Q-factor cranks and plenty of rack and 3-pack mounts to strap just about whatever you’d like to the frame.

In the rear, the Pugsley resembles Surly’s other dirt touring models (think ECR, etc) with a 142 x 12 mm rear dropout and Rohloff compatibility. You can also run a 135 mm quick release setup with the use of a couple adapters. The chainstays got lengthened from the original Pugsley design by 12 mm, but the 17.5 mm offset of the old Pugsley remains. However, the rear rack mounts are offset as well for even load distribution, as is the front fork so that front and rear wheels can be swapped out in an emergency.

The standard Q-factor cranks are a huge plus for those who don’t like the wider pedaling stance on a lot of fat bikes, and can still accommodate a 26 x 4.3-inch tire (the bike comes stock with Surly’s own Edna in this size). With a wider Q-factor crank and some drivetrain limitations, the frame will fit up to a 26 x 4.8-inch tire.

The stock complete bike comes with a 1 x 11 drivetrain and Surly Moloko bars for plenty of different hand positions and bag mounting options.

Here’s the full spec sheet:

And geometry info:

And some examples of stuff you can do on this bike:

Looks pretty fun! Maybe we’ll get one in to review, but for now, more info can be found here.


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