Review: Lezyne Super GPS

Originally posted on April 6, 2017 at 1:50 am

Tester: Mike Cushionbury

Lezyne has been touting its entrance into the GPS market for quite some time and with good reason. The avant-garde pump, tool and accessory maker has released a smart looking, useful and easy to use 76 gram GPS. All the important features are here starting with a chip that combines GPS and GLONASS to read both U.S. and Russian satellites—important for ultra-reliable data collection of current elevation, ascent and descent along with mileage, speed and distance. Bluetooth, ANT+ and Smart (BLE) connectivity record heart rate, power and cadence from nearly any device on the market. Additional features, among other normal information, include temperature reading as well as real time phone calls, text and email message notifications. Lezyne also has its own free online “GPS Root” accessible via computer or an Ally phone app to record all your weekly, monthly and yearly ride data along with a map of where you went. If you’re into the peer competition thing, it seamlessly syncs with Strava upon upload if you choose that option. It’s worth noting here that the Super does not have on-screen live mapping or route directions—it’s limited to ride info only.

Lezyne GPS

The Super GPS is easy to set up and use with your choice of two, three or four lines of data, including the option to toggle through the bottom field to show any of the available information. Battery life comes in at an incredible 20-24 hours of use on a charge—for most of us that means weekly recharging rather than daily.

After months of use this is now my go-to mountain bike computer. I didn’t miss the lack of live mapping. The GPS chip connected to satellites quickly, and I found the data to be accurate. It also connected quickly and easily to a Wahoo heart rate monitor. Logging onto GPS Root and downloading info (including linking to Strava) was never an issue. My only criticism (which for many could be a non-issue) is that the Bluetooth controlled phone notifications rarely showed up with my phone in my jersey pocket.

Overall, the Lezyne Super GPS is a great value as a high-tech GPS with nice online support. It lacks mapping and phone notifications seldom if ever worked, but on the trail I never missed those options at all. The rest of the features worked without fail.

Price: $200

This review originally appeared in Dirt Rag #193


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