Rotating Mass Media Hires Helena Kotala as Social Media and Web Coordinator

Originally posted on January 13, 2017 at 10:51 am

She will oversee the online platforms for both Dirt Rag and Bicycle Times magazines and their growing portfolio of events. 

Kotala has a degree in Geography, but as a senior in college, she decided to pursue her passion for writing. Around the same time, she rekindled her love for cycling, adding yet another activity to her repertoire of outdoor pursuits. She started a blog to share her adventures and inspire others to get outside and ride bikes. She then worked for as a freelance contributor for two years before taking the position with Rotating Mass Media.

“I’ve been a friend of the magazines for the past few years, and have helped out with Dirt Rag Dirt Fest since 2013. I’m very excited to join such a great team of people, and work for a publication I’ve always enjoyed reading,” says Kotala. She is very eager to grow the online presence of both Dirt Rag and Bicycle Times and promote their growing number of consumer-facing events.

“I’m thrilled to have Helena on board, says Founder and Publisher Maurice Tierney. “The digital side of our media empire is growing, and Helena’s the right person to take us to the next level.”

Helena Kotala (L) and Associate Publisher Trina Haynes at Interbike 2016. Photo by Ric Ashley
Helena Kotala (L) and Associate Publisher Trina Haynes at Interbike 2016. Photo by Ric Ashley

“I am very excited to have Helena as part of our team, says Trina Haynes, Associate Publisher. She is a fresh voice for the industry with writing skills that are relatable and engaging. Helena brings a plethora of outdoor experience and passion that ties to the needed growth of the bike industry.”

Kotala lives in rural central Pennsylvania, where she enjoys all types of biking, running, hiking, rock climbing, paddling, camping, and virtually any other human-powered outdoor activity.

She can be reached at and on Instagram @helenakoala, @dirtragmag, and @bicycletimes. Stay tuned for her writing and an ever-expanding web presence for Dirt Rag and Bicycle Times. 

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