Beer Me: India Black Ales

Originally posted on December 6, 2016 at 1:01 am


Editor’s note: This story by Elizabeth & Lee Klevens first appeared in Dirt Rag Issue #156, published in May 2011.

Like many fellow mountain bikers, we enjoy a good post-ride beer. While old favorites and standbys are fine, discovering a new gem to share is always good. Throughout the years, we have discovered some great beers. One relatively new style of beer is the India Black Ale, or the oxymoronic Black IPA.

The IBA first became available for sale to the public by the Vermont Pub & Brewery. Since that first release there are now many others reproducing this style, each with their own personalities. One of the finest examples is Stone’s Sublimely Self-Righteous Ale.

First released as their 11th Anniversary beer, it is now (thankfully) available year-round. It pours deep and rich with a nice caramel head. Plenty of piney and citrus hop aromas fill your nose like a fine American IPA, but with the additional presence of roasted malts. The body is full of rich, deeply roasted malt goodness, which is complimented with a heavy dose of hops. Stone does a tremendous job at bringing together these flavors into one joyous experience. Over the top goodness: 8.7 percent ABV, 90 IBU.

Others of this style include Grand Teton’s Trout Hop and 21st Amendment’s Black In Black.

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