Trans-Sylvania Epic – Singletrack Summer Camp returns with changes for 2017

Originally posted on November 29, 2016 at 14:15 pm


Like any good event, TSEpic is evolving, and for the better. Last year the event moved from seven days to five, making it much more manageable for those with limited vacation days. In 2017 the race will run over the Memorial Day weekend. TSEpic says:

“You should be the first to know we’re shaking things up a lil’ next year, and take full advantage of the Memorial Day Weekend. The 5-Day race will begin on Thursday, May 25th and end on Memorial Day, May 29th.”

Which also means we’re bringing back the 3-Day TSEpic in 2017 which will be held over the 3-Day weekend. Amazing how that adds up!”

Unlike most stage races, TSEpic returns to the same base camp every day, leading to much more downtime between stages. Plenty of time to chill, clean and tune your bike, eat, eat some more, and just hang out with fellow racers. It really does feel like summer camp, in the best possible way.


The rest of the details are still being worked out, but I can personally vouch for this event, and I expect further changes to improve things event more.

Until tomorrow (November 30th) at midnight , you can reserve a spot to race, and secure indoor lodging with a $250 deposit. No need to decide on what racing class to enter right now, just get yourself a spot in line. That deposit will get you a discounted rate. And you have a month to change you mind if you decide you can’t make it.

Stay tuned to the TSEpic website for updates on the 2017 event.stage-race-article-pic-1-600x400

Dave will yell at you all week. You’ll like it.



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