Beer Me: Victory Storm King Imperial Stout

Originally posted on October 25, 2016 at 1:01 am


Editor’s note: This “Beer Me” column first appeared in Dirt Rag Issue #98, published in February 2003. Back then, kind readers would occasionally send in beer samples for our Quaffing Crew to evaluate (hint, hint). Words by Brad Quartuccio.

Let the quaffing session begin! With a case of Victory Brewing Storm King Imperial Stout appearing on our doorstep Christmas Eve, it was time to get down to business. Eric Pavelik, the same fellow who sent us some Weeping Radish a while back, sent us this case of tasty refreshments.

Some of us around the office are a bit familiar with Victory’s offerings. One of my favorite brews happens to be Victory’s Hop Devil, which Michael Browne turned me on to this past summer. Setting all preconceived notions of tastiness and quality aside, the quaffing began.

This bottle conditioned, completely opaque brew possesses a fine, fine taste. It’s not nutty at all; it’s a more pleasing stout with a hoppy flavor and a good aftertaste. Maurice was heard to comment that “…it’s not Guinness, which is good, ‘cause most of us around here don’t like Guinness much.” Nods of approval followed from the rest of the crew. And it wasn’t simply because he’s the boss and we have to agree with him. This is a great tasting stout with a 9.1 percent alcohol content. Thats right, 9.1 percent. It’s like getting two beers in one bottle! The Victory Storm King Imperial Stout is offered from October to March, but Victory has plenty of other beers available throughout the season. So far, I have yet to go wrong with anything offered by Victory Brewing. [Nowadays, Storm King is available year-round. —Ed.]

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