Inside Line: Devinci’s Redesigned Troy

Originally posted on August 12, 2015 at 19:51 pm

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Devinci launched a redesigned Troy here at Crankworx and we’ve just had our first look. The trail market has evolved quite a bit since 2013 when the Troy was originally launched. Over the years, Devinci has been seeing folks riding that bike harder and harder with wide bars and burly rolling stock. With this in mind, and taking cues from its big brother the Spartan, this version of the Troy is designed a little bit burlier than the previous version.

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In keeping with the times, the new Troy offers a 20 mm longer front center across the size run, four mm shorter chainstays and much steeper seat tube angles (74.5 degrees in the low setting and 74.9 degrees in the high setting). Head tube angles remain largely unchanged at 67 degrees in the low setting and 67.4 in the high setting.

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Suspension travel remains the same, offering 150 mm up front and 140 mm in the rear, though the Split-Pivot rear suspension kinematics have been modified to provide a more progressive ramp up at the end of stroke to better cope with larger hits.

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The new Troy will be available in both aluminum and carbon models. Aluminum frames, as well as the carbon model’s aluminum chainstay and rocker link, are produced in Devinci’s Canadian factory.

We weren’t able to ride the new Troy, but we’ll be getting our hands on one for long-term review.


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