45NRTH unveils two new front/rear specific fat bike tires

Originally posted on February 21, 2015 at 21:31 pm


45NRTH is committed to pushing cold-weather cycling technology, and its latest two tires continue that trend, following closely behind the launch of the brand’s Ride Groomed website.

The Flowbeist and Dunderbeist are front and rear specific, respectively, and measure out at 4.6 inches, a good middle ground that should fit a wide variety of fat bikes.

Both are 120 tpi and are tubeless compatible, which means they can save a ton of weight when paired with the latest tubeless fat bike rims. They will only be available in a 120 tpi casing and a folding bead, and cost $140 each.

While you could certainly ride them in the dirt, we were told the height of the knobs are pretty overkill for hardpack and typical soils, and are really best used on snow. Sure it will work, but not as well as other tire choices.


The Flowbeist is designed to roll quickly as a front tire, but offer good braking traction, with tall 8.3 mm shoulder lugs that aid in cornering traction in snow.


The Dunderbeist is optimized for rear traction, with perpendicular front and rear edges on the center knobs, with cavities to increase the number of edges for grip.

There will be a very limited early production run of the pair available in April, with much larger distribution in Fall 2015.


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