Pumps on Pedals hosting final Ladies Night of the year

Originally posted on August 28, 2014 at 20:08 pm


By Joh Rathbun, photos by Inga Beck.

Don’t take out the disco ball and the pumps—high heels—because this is Ladies Night at Northstar California. Bring a bike pump instead, as NorCal’s favorite mountain is notorious for it’s rocky and dusty conditions. And with the drought that California is experiencing, the mountain is living up to its reputation

On August 22 MTB4HER and Shine Riders Company hosted Pumps on Pedals, Northstar California’s ladies night. Craig Shaffer, of the Northstar Bike Academy, and I coordinated to bring on board Lindsay Beth Currier (LBC) of Shine as coach and host, with Teresa Edgar of MTB4HER donating primo swag for the ladies.

From a 62 year old fresh-faced woman’s first time mountain biking, to 20-something hucking it, more than two dozen women showed up for Female Fridays. Kristen Martin del Campo runs ladies nights on the mountain, and said that it’s “a great chance to learn new skills, meet new riding buddies, and just have fun on the trails.


Supported by Josh Eisen, Keil Rafter and JP Donovan, the instructors split into different groups with different focuses. Coordinating with both Josh and Keil, I took about a dozen women down Mine Shaft—a blue run—to ascertain abilities and passions. Surviving Mine Shaft, we then split off into smaller groups. Josh led some women down Live Wire—some gals jumped over to Easy Rider and Keil and Joh took about nine riders down Coaster

The women visibly progressed, and while there were a couple of crashes, most women challenged themselves while staying safe.


Big ups to Craig Shaffer and Kristen, respectively, the director and, a coach of Northstar Bike Academy. Supported by hardcore enthusiasts like Keil, Josh, and JP, they roam the mountain daily, and shared their knowledge and skills enthusiastically for ladies night. All their hard work is the reason why more than two dozen women mobbed the mountain.

Tomorrow is the last Pumps on Pedals this season, so don’t miss it!


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