Video: The Town and Riders of a Hudson Highland Hotspot

Originally posted on August 5, 2014 at 13:29 pm


Dirt Rag contributor Brice Shirbach not only writes words and shoots awesome photographs, he also does a fair share of videoing as well. His latest is an expose’ of the amazing trails in Beacon, New York.

“Welcome to Beacon stands to showcase some of the amazing trails that descend from the summit of the town’s namesake mountain,” Shirbach says. “More importantly, it shows us the good-natured people who call this place home and their effort to ingrain cycling into the fabric of this community.”

Shirbach feels strongly and finding new places to ride. “Given the opportunity, most mountain bikers are happy to provide other riders with their own short bucket list of ‘must-ride’ spots throughout the world, he continues. “It is one of my favorite exercises to engage in and to be on the receiving end of as nothing stokes my own fire as hearing others excitedly telling me what they love most about their corner of the world.

To him exploring new places and meeting the people who make them unique is one of the truly great things about mountain biking. “It is the combination of trail systems and people unique to every town and region that makes exploration so important to our sport and community. So when a town like Beacon, New York comes into view, you stop and stay for a little while. And you are happy to tell everyone else about it.”

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