Moonmen rises with custom titanium bikes inspired by vintage BMX

Originally posted on July 9, 2014 at 18:34 pm


Photos by Craig DeMartino

With experience and aesthetics honed at Black Sheep Cycles, Moonmen Bikes are both cutting edge and decidedly retro, inspired by moonlit rides on the Front Range of Colorado. And it’s not just the custom, one-of-a-kind titanium frames being crafted in Fort Collins—the team is building its own custom titanium bars, stems, seat posts and forks as well.

Moonmen 00

mm00-3 mm00-1  mm00-10 mm00-7

The first Moonmen bike was inspired by the classic Torker BMX cruiser with a split top tube. The brand isn’t afraid to admit it works hard to blend form with function in a package that its customers will hopefully love for a long, long time.


Moonmen 01

mm01-3  mm01-5 mm01-2

The second bike, and the first customer bike, is a 29+ and a different hub spacing. Like all Moonmen bikes will have, it features a one-off logo and typeface design as well. No mistaking yours for your buddy’s!


Another feature unique to Moonmen is the “Mension” adjustable chainstays. To achieve proper chain or belt drive tension, the chainstays are split and adjust with a junction piece that is threaded. Spinning it stretches the chainstays and tensions the chain/belt.


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