Review: Mavic Crossmax Enduro wheel and tire system

Originally posted on July 7, 2014 at 17:32 pm


The new Crossmax Enduro wheel system is unique in that it’s designed around (and includes) Mavic branded tires, the dual-ply Charge and Roam XL. While the wheelset itself doesn’t break any new ground, it does use specific rim widths, spoke counts and lacing for the front and rear.

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The front wheel has a 23mm internal diameter rim, with 24 bladed aluminum spokes laced two-cross. The Charge 2.4 tire looks much like a Maxxis High Roller, but with slightly smaller and more widely spaced knobs. The rear wheel has only 20 spokes laced two-cross on the disc side and radial on the drive side, and while it might sound odd, this set-up has proven itself on other Crossmax models. The skinny 19mm internal diameter rim carries the 2.2 Roam XL tire, a unique looking specimen with low profile chevron center tread and serious cornering knobs.


I managed to ride these tires in lots of conditions, including Winter Park, Colorado, for the Trestle Bike Park stop of the Enduro World Series. The wheels themselves worked fine, as to be expected from Mavic. The tires where pretty swell as well, gripping nicely on a variety of surfaces in wet or dry conditions. The front sticks well everywhere, up or down. The rear tire is best suited to a loose and drifty riding style, which seems to be what wins races these days. Climbing was OK, until things got wet and loose, and the Roam would pack up and spin out. Things would slide predictably, right up to when the cornering knobs would bite and keep things upright. Rolling resistance was minimal for such aggressive tires.


As a first attempt at race specific enduro wheel system, Mavic did a commendable job. The tires are predicable just about everywhere, and the dual ply casing splits the difference between light weight and durability, making for a set of wheels more than willing to go all day, and rally down the sketchiest of downhill tracks.


The Crossmax Enduro wheel and tire system is available in 26 inch and 27.5 for $1,000. They are also available individually.

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