First look: The latest bike care products from Finish Line

Originally posted on June 23, 2014 at 15:12 pm


If you just dropped a months’ salary on a new mountain bike, and then thrashed it down a mountain, you’re probably going to want to take care of it and keep it running smoothly. You might know the Finish Line brand for its huge selection of chain lube, but I got a look at some of the latest bike-care products coming to your bike shop this summer.

First up is the Super Bike Wash Concentrate. The Finish Line Bike Wash has been a popular all-purpose product for a while now, but the concentrated version is an economical way to get even more use out of a bottle. Simply mix it with water in a spray bottle and it will clean just about every piece of your bike. Or use it at full strength for the toughest grime. A 16oz. bottle is $8.99.

The Chill Zone is a must-have for shops or anyone who works on really old bikes. It releases seized parts by blasting them with a super cold penetrant that frees rusted bolts or stuck seat posts. If you really lay it on thick, it will hit temperatures of Minus 50-degrees Fahrenheit. Just be careful with your fingers, ok? A 6oz. can is $9.99.

The Max Suspension Spray is a super lubricant for suspension forks, shocks and dropper seat posts. If you have an older fork that is showing its age and want to freshen it up a bit, or just want to keep your new fork sliding as slippery as possible, just give it a quick spray and cycle it a few times to spread it around. We’re told it works wonders against stiction, so we’re eager to try it. A 12oz. can is $9.99.

Finally, the chain lube applicator is a simple, no-mess way to keep your chain happy and clean. Simply fill it with your favorite chain lube and the scrubber pad applies just the right amount. No muss, no fuss, as they say. It comes with an extra pad but no chain lube, so you can Finish Line’s online lube selection tool to find just the right one. Grab one for $8.99.

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We saw Finish Line’s new products at PressCamp, a media-only event that showcases all the latest products for the coming year. Take a look at all our coverage here and keep checking back in for more to come.


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