NoTubes unveils new fat bike, disc road rims

Originally posted on June 17, 2014 at 20:16 pm


Last year we saw a prototype fat bike rim from Stan’s NoTubes, and while we figured a 26-inch wheel was in the works, today we saw the finished product: the Hugo is a 50mm-wide, tubeless rim with a unique cross section and options in all three wheel sizes.


We also got the details and a ride in on the new Grail disc road wheel that is perfectly suited to all manner of “road” applications and slots in between the IronCross and Alpine models.



Like it or not, fat bikes and “plus” sized bikes are here to stay, and more and more riders are looking for more performance from big wheels and tires than just slogging through the snow. The Hugo rim has a unique cross section that combines a double wall inner with a single wall bead seat. The high points on the rim are all at an identical level, which makes it very impact-resistant and almost impossible to burp at extremely low air pressures. The rim also makes use of NoTubes’ new 27mm tubeless tape.


(Note, the final extrusion will vary slightly from this prototype.)

NoTubes recommends a minimum tire width of 2.5, and interestingly enough, the wheels will be available in 26, 29 and 27.5 sizes. The first two make sense, but what will a super-wide 27.5 wheel fit?¬†We’ll have to wait and see. The rims will be available individually for $145 with complete wheelsets at $695. Due to the number of different hub dimensions of fat bikes on the market, NoTubes is sticking with traditional mountain bike size dimensions for now, both in QR and convertible to thru-axle.


hugosize hugo1

Complete wheels


The Hugo will be spec’d on some complete bike builds for 2015. Which ones? Stay tuned…

Look for the Hugo to become available in September, beginning with 29er wheels and following with the other sizes.




There are lots of disc-brake equipped road and cyclocross bikes on their way to your local bike shop, and the GT Grade we rode earlier this week is a perfect example of the application the Grail was designed for. NoTubes found that many of its customers on the IronCross cyclocross rims were running tire pressures well beyond what the rim was designed for. After all, many of the cyclocross bikes it was designed for do double duty as road or training bikes in the summer – or all season.


The Grail extrusion next to an IronCross extrusion.

The Grail rim is specifically designed to handle the higher pressures of a road tire. It’s also more aerodynamic than any other NoTubes extrusion. Naturally the same Bead Socket Technology from all of NoTubes’ wheels is found as well, allowing you to set it up tubeless with a variety of tires.

Iron Cross rim Grail rim Alpha 400 rim

Like the Hugo, the Grail will be found on many complete bikes available this fall. As a complete wheelset, there will be a Team and Comp version available, with the Team version using fewer spokes and stainless steel bearings. Complete wheels are built on NoTube’s own 3.30 hubs with convertible axles between QR and thru-axle and are 11-speed road compatible.



Complete wheels


The Grail rims will be available as soon as next week, with complete wheels coming in July.

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