Sea Otter Tech: Topeak/Ergon

Originally posted on April 15, 2011 at 23:08 pm


Topeak designs and produces an astoshing array of tools, accessories and equipment, and they’ll be bringing even more to dealers’ shelves this summer.

This waterproof iPhone case has a quick-release mount and will work with many other touch-screen smart phones as well.

This dual-chambered JoeBlow Ace pump can use either or both of the chambers depended on your needs. One setting is tuned for high volume and low pressure, with a middle and higher setting for low volume, high pressure. And high it is: the pump is rated to 260psi.

Coming later this year is the aluminum Journey trailer, which has a heavy-duty drybag that can be easily removed with grab handles. It attaches to the bike with an extremely simple quick-release system. The single 16-inch rear wheel comes with a fender and a blinkie light attachment. It can carry more than 3800 cubic inches and about 70lbs. MSRP is $500.

Topeak also continues to expand its mini pump line with the larger RaceRocket HPX and the tiny RaceRocket HP. Now mountain bikers can get in on the action with the RaceRocket MT high volume, low pressure version. Each has a retractable hose that extends from the body and a screw-down end that is prest and schrader compatible.


Ergon’s lineup of ergonomic grips have exploded onto the scene in the past few years, with everyone from weight-weenie cross country racers to trail-cruising townies embracing them. New this year is an even more supportive shape and an internal skeleton that reinforces the rubber platform, the GS1, which is available in a standard style, and two bar-end choices, the GS2 and GS3. Look for prices in the $40-$60 range, depending on version you choose.

And fully embracing the "green" theme are the GP1 BioKork grips, which take the shape of the popular GP1, but use a cork material that is anti-bacterial and hypoallergenic. The rubber and cork are sourced from sustainable forests and the mounting bracket is 100 percent recycled aluminum.

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