Along for the (Oregon Handmade Builder) Ride

Originally posted on October 15, 2010 at 20:05 pm

Tony Pereria and his hand-made city bike.

Touring the builders’ shops at the Oregon Handmade Bicyce Show

By Philip Williamson

[Excerpted from Bike Tinker.]

I had a fantastic long weekend of bike fun, starting with Thursday’s Builders’ Bike Ride, courtesy of the Oregon Handmade Bicycle Show.

The ride wended around Portland, starting at UBI and ending up at Strawberry Cyclesports, which is also Andy Newlands’ home. The builders on the ride included Tony Pereira, Wade Vulture and Andy Newlands himself.

The first stop was the shop that Joseph Ahearne (Ahearne Cycles, duh) and Mitch Pryor (MAP Cycles) share.

We looked at Ahearne’s cycletrucks, which are made by Co-Motion to his design, and Mitch’s loverly custom randonneur with the top-end racks. Zow. We worked our way from the front of the shop where the tomato-red show bike was being built up, through the work area, the cycletruck storage and other-bike storage to the very back of the space, where they used to have an archery butt. Opening all the intervening doors turns the shop into a 30-yard indoor practice range.

Read the rest of Philip’s fun at the Oregon Handmade Bicycle Show at his blog.

You can see a gallery of his photos from the show here.



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