Dirt Rag announces more issues for Bicycle Times, adds two new editors

Originally posted on September 15, 2010 at 23:41 pm

Responding to requests from readership and advertisers, Bicycle Times magazine will increase frequency to six issues for 2011, up from the previous two years as a quarterly. “Good gracious, we’ve seen tremendous growth in readership,” says Publisher Maurice Tierney, “and we’re ready to meet the demand for more issues in 2011.”

With a combined thirteen issues a year, it was time to take the burden of wrangling the words for two magazines off the shoulders of the current editor, Karen Brooks. Newly hired Josh Patterson, right, will take over as Editor of Dirt Rag, while Ms. Brooks will continue as Editor of Bicycle Times and will offer support as Editorial Director to get Josh started off right.

Ms. Brooks: "Good grief, my fingers were getting tired! But seriously, it will be great to deliver Dirt Rag into Josh’s capable hands and focus on further developing Bicycle Times as the best magazine for everyday cycling."

Mr. Patterson: "I’m excited to be joining the Dirt Rag / Bicycle Times team. I’ve been a loyal Dirt Rag reader for nearly decade and have the lifetime subscription to prove it. I look forward to building on Karen’s hard work and expanding our readership."

Not ignoring the electronic side of things, both titles will have completely redesigned websites launched by the beginning of September, just in time for Interbike coverage. At the helm of these two new sites is Adam Newman, right, freshly minted Online Editor.

Mr. Newman: "My goal is to keep Dirt Rag and Bicycle Times rolling right into the future of publishing. Keep your eyes peeled for a lot of cool new ways to enjoy your favorite stories from life on two wheels."

To cope with the increased need for reviews and product wrangling, the new position of Product Testing is now in the capable hands of Karl Rosengarth. “Gathering gear for our testers to put through the grinder is a ginormous job, but somebody’s got to do it," says Mr. Rosengarth. "Our loyal readers count on us to deliver honest, thorough and insightful product reviews. I’m here to assure that we consistently meet our readers’ high expectations.”

“Good golly, are we positioned well for 2011,” says Marketing Director, Eric McKeegan. “We’ve been ecstatic with the continued growth in both subscriptions and newsstand sales of Bicycle Times, placing us squarely as the national leader in print media for touring, transportation and everyday cycling adventure. As mountain biking continues to expand with more places, events, and types of bikes to ride, expect to see us embracing all facets of the sport in Dirt Rag. We’ve got lift passes and we’re not afraid to use them.”

Dirt Rag magazine is entering its 22nd year of publication, and Bicycle Times will be three years old in 2011. Independently owned since day one, both magazines are a unique voice for the rider, whether on the road or in the dirt.

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